Conflict between America, Iran, Israel, Russia, and China

Israel believes that Iran is going to use their atom bombs for nuclear war, as do America and some other countries in Central America. They are threatening to attack Iran to prevent a nuclear war. Iran’s leadership says that its goal in developing a nuclear program is to generate electricity without dipping into the oil supply it prefers to sell abroad, and to provide fuel for medical reactors. They are saying that their nuclear programs are peaceful but the western countries believe they have military purposes for it. Israel wants to destroy Iran’s nuclear sites with or without America’s help.

China and Russia are involved because if Iran feels a threat from these other countries then they are going to block major oil routes that are very helpful to China and Russia. They do not want these routes to be blocked. This has a big effect on them so they are threatening to attack anyone who attacks Iran. America plans to try to keep peace with these countries. Barack Obama also wants to improve relations with the Soviet Union, Iran, and China. If these relations are not improved then America will need to build a missile defense shield. If this conflict gets any worse than America could get into another war that does not need to happen right now.

 Elsewhere, countries in Central America are planning to cut spending that benefits Iran. They are aiming for the banks in Iran so that the country will have a difficult time continuing their nuclear program. I do not think that America should be worrying about another war while we are in the amount of debt that we are and while we are still fighting other countries. We dont want things to come to war so if we can try to reinforce our treaty and talk things out, then we will not have to worry about being attacked with a nuclear weapon and we will be in a much better position for the future.


One thought on “Conflict between America, Iran, Israel, Russia, and China

  1. Iam 100% conviced that irans nuclear program is for military purposes but before any action is taken against iran,is isreal authorized by the international nuclear agency to own nuclear bombs.let the united nations first take action against isreal before any action against iran inorder to convice the world that it has the right aims in iran.otehrwise the entire united nations is infuenced by america since its its cheif financer as its was evidenced when it attacked iraq without the concent of other veto powers and no action was taken against it

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